Grahamstown National Arts Festival

Just as there are specific ingredients needed to make a decadent chocolate brownie, there are also necessary ingredients needed to experience the heck out of a Grahamstown fest.

So here they are, the steps to follow in order to have the best Grahamstown Fest experience (in my opinion).  Continue reading


Waking up to this…

Jeffreys Bay…a place you may have heard of if you are an avid surfer, a happy hippy or just someone that enjoys visiting small coastal towns. A place that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, especially by the people living in the Eastern Cape. Jeffreys Bay is the place I call home. I don’t call it home because it is where i live,  it’s not where I live anymore. I call it home because it is where my parents and grandparents live, because it is so full of my childhood memories and because I feel comfort and relaxation whenever I am there. Continue reading