Waking up to this…

Jeffreys Bay…a place you may have heard of if you are an avid surfer, a happy hippy or just someone that enjoys visiting small coastal towns. A place that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, especially by the people living in the Eastern Cape. Jeffreys Bay is the place I call home. I don’t call it home because it is where i live,  it’s not where I live anymore. I call it home because it is where my parents and grandparents live, because it is so full of my childhood memories and because I feel comfort and relaxation whenever I am there.
My family and I escaped the constant whirl of city life and traded it in for our own slice of paradise in 1994. And although I now reside in Port Elizabeth, and don’t get me wrong i love it there, Jeffreys Bay is still the place i end up running to when things get tough and overwhelming. It was amazing during school lunch breaks to be able to glimpse at the sparkle of the ocean in the distance, to ride my bicycle without the constraints of massive brick walls around me, to go for ocean dips at the end of a hard day’s work with my dad and to jump into my grandfather’s red, rusty beach buggy after school and feel the salty air blow through my hair as we would  drive along bumpily. Spotting pods of dolphins or schools of whales frolicking in the waves is a mere normality to any Jbay local, how lucky is that?

So this morning I find myself sitting here on the same beach that my best friends and I watched many a sunrise on, I sit gazing at the calm, turquoise ocean lapping to and fro and I feel full….completely and utterly content. Next to me is another best friend of mine, a smaller and much furrier best friend. A 6 year old, teacup yorki named Cash. Boy did he have fun! (see photos below…if a dog could smile then i think i captured one) Sunshine, sand and sea is always great. Add an energetic, playful yorkie to the mix and you have yourself the most perfect winter’s day in my opinion. We attempted to dig a sandpit to China, we wiggled our toes in the rockpools, we chased after squawking seagulls, we lay in the warm winter sun and later on my sister joined us with ice cold lollies. I even did some writing to the sounds of the waves while a tired pup took a nap in the shade of my shadow.
To be back home surrounded by the things that make me most happy has been bliss. Hey, i even took my old bicycle out for a spin this afternoon, a few wobbles along the way, but I’ve still got it. I look forward to more bonding sessions with my rusty, royal blue two-wheeler. Maybe we can pick up where we left off 12 years ago hehe. 😉
Today was a good day in Jeffreys Bay, my home sweet home ❤


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