Natures Way Farm Stall

This tiny gem of a place is definitely deserving of a visit if you are travelling along the Garden Route. Not visible from the N2, it is a place that is easily missed as you travel to your destination. Living a few kilometres fom the Garden Route itself, I have come to realise that all the small winding roads signposted with unfamiliar names are often routes leading to treasures waiting to be discovered. Natures Way Farm Stall is one of those treasures.

I may be slightly biased in saying so, since the stall is situated on a small dairy farm that makes its own cheese. I am a cheese lover of note. So if, like me, you enjoy a good cheese on a cracker, then this place won’t disappoint.

Take the R102 to Natures Valley and keep an eye out for the little quaint farm stall which will appear on your right. It is best to go when the weather is clear as all tables are situated outside on the patio and in the small garden alongside the grazing cattle. Tucked away from the hustle of the highway, surrounded by luscious greenery and breathing in the crisp country air is a great way to take a timeout from the car.10882378_10152397308281792_7197203015942873171_n

Now to get to the good part, the cheese! Their cheese platter will win you over, there is an option for sharing the platter or having one to yourself. The platters come bearing a variety of up to five cheeses, relish, breads, crackers, salami and figs. Their cheese is absolutely divine – fresh and creamy. Order this with a freshly made lemonade, and your tummy will be smiling.  If cheese is not your thing, there are also many other homemade goodies available for munching inside the stall. All cheese is available for purchase as well.

Cheese-lover or not,  is definitely a spot worth visiting.



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