Simply me…

So…I set this blog thing up about an hour ago and I’m still getting the hang of it. So many buttons, bars and links, but I eventually found my way to this white, empty canvas and the blinking text cursor (had to look that word up). So here’s my story in short…

I have always wanted to be a writer, a personal downfall of mine is that the thoughts I have in my head always sound way more classy and fancy… in my head, and when I write down and then read what I have just written, it sounds so bland or confusing. I guess I’m still learning. I also never seem to find the time to write,  let me rephrase, I don’t seem to make the time to write. Excuses aside, being a teacher comes with a 3 week holiday during winter and I am currently enjoying my first week of sleeping in and being in my pajamas all day. It was while having my morning tea and rusks on the patio today, that I suddenly realized I HAD the time to WRITE. I’ve been working on a childrens’ book on and off for the past few years, and I say ‘years’ with emphasis, because there was a year or two where no writing happened. I have recently started another chapter of my book and I need some writing inspiration. So off to Pinterest I went, one of my favourite  inspiration sources, and somehow I stumbled across the idea to start a blog. Writing practice, feedback from fellow writers (be they amateurs like me or professionals with words) exposure to all sorts of writing by bloggers near and far, and the missing link to getting my book finished, inspiration. So here it is…my very first blog post.

I enjoy writing about places I’ve traveled to and the experiences I’ve had in those places. I absolutely love photography and am an avid instagrammer, so expect all blogs to be decorated with pretty pictures. I also enjoy, as do many, things such as running, wining and dining and spending time with family and friends – many of these will feature from time to time in the things I write. Last but not least, I am a intermediate phase teacher and would love to share some of my teaching ideas and tales. The latter may be quite comical at times, because let’s face it, kids are genuine comedians without even trying.

I am open to any positive criticism and/or opinionated feedback throughout the duration of my stay in Blogger Land. In the end…I am here to learn and to share some of what I love with you. Feel free to follow me should you stumble across my blog. You may enjoy my humor/writing/pretty pictures or you may enjoy the exact opposite. Either way, welcome to my page. I am Leanne, ‘nice to informally’ meet you.





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