Eerste rivier – a hidden treasure

I’m always amazed when I find places that are breathtaking so close to home. I’ve always known of Eerste rivier, but have never bothered to explore it. If you’re looking for a getaway with nothing but epic views and a lot of relaxation, then this place literally ticks all the boxes. Continue reading


Our Wild Coast Adventure 

Miss Mack

Cows, goats, donkeys, chickens and dogs…the villagers of the Transkei have dubbed these five animals their very own Big Five (fun fact). The difference between this Big Five and South Africa’s so-called Big Five? These animals roam freely – no fences restricting them, they are accustom to traffic, spotted frequently during your travels and definitely don’t require a booking at an expensive safari lodge. There are not many places in the Transkei that you won’t get to without an adventure down a bumpy dusty road, each one curling and zigzagging around hundreds of magical hills. Brightly coloured thatched huts are sprinkled all over the grassy terrain, it’s the type of landscape an artist or photographer would dream of capturing and to see these landscapes first hand was a wonderful experience.

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Bishops Cove

Do you see that small white dot on the edge of a shrubby cliff, overlooking the incredibly massive Indian ocean? Well that is a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of staying at. It is near impossible to take in the beauty that this place has to offer.  Continue reading