Drupkelder rock pools

Earlier this year we discovered magical haven hidden in the middle of the Knysna forest. While browsing the  Internet for various hikes and trails in the Harkerville area, I stumbled across the Drupkelders trail. It was fairly nearby and after a morning of markets and good food we decided to get our hearts pumping and head to the forest for some exercise. After buying permits and receiving some tips about the difficulty of the trail, we made our way to the starting point.  Continue reading


Natures Way Farm Stall

This tiny gem of a place is definitely deserving of a visit if you are travelling along the Garden Route. Not visible from the N2, it is a place that is easily missed as you travel to your destination. Living a few kilometres fom the Garden Route itself, I have come to realise that all the small winding roads signposted with unfamiliar names are often routes leading to treasures waiting to be discovered. Natures Way Farm Stall is one of those treasures.

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Waking up to this…

Jeffreys Bay…a place you may have heard of if you are an avid surfer, a happy hippy or just someone that enjoys visiting small coastal towns. A place that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, especially by the people living in the Eastern Cape. Jeffreys Bay is the place I call home. I don’t call it home because it is where i live,  it’s not where I live anymore. I call it home because it is where my parents and grandparents live, because it is so full of my childhood memories and because I feel comfort and relaxation whenever I am there. Continue reading